Eric Reamer


Eric has successfully trained thousands of business owners how to drive more traffic and visibility, and he’s happy to share his wisdom with you and your business!


For 30+ years, Eric has illustrated his faith with millions of people all over the world through the use of modern stage illusion.

Internationally recognized illusionist and mentalist Eric Reamer amazes and inspires you, even as he challenges the very things you claim to understand.

Since 1988, Eric has studied the art of illusion and coupled that with a powerful speaking style to communicate messages with dynamic and authority.

Whether he’s sharing his faith, training business owners or speaking within the educational system, one thing is certain: he captivates his audience and makes learning far more enjoyable!

More than just entertainment

Eric is a master communicator, and making use of the most contemporary illusions and mentalism effects, he reaches audiences with unforgettable messages.

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About Eric Reamer

Experience doesn’t (shouldn’t) determine beliefs!

Eric has spent the last three decades of his career challenging the status quo when it comes to what we believe as a society… and why. He has performed for audiences well into the millions – and everywhere he goes, he leaves a wake of smiles, head-scratching and yes… more than a few changed lives!

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