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Comprehensive Services

Your One-Stop Public Relations & Media Firm.


Public Relations

Public Relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between people or organizations and their publics.


Content Development

We bring the right customers directly to you by creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.


Gain all the benefit of decades of small business experience, PLUS all of the world-influencers Eric Reamer has learned from.

Online Education

Looking to learn the craft of profitable communication? Sign up for any of our DIY courses and get trained by the very best in business.

Public Relations

You’re looking for an audience. We know how to get you found. We write and distribute pitches, press releases, speeches and presentations. We expand our client’s contacts via personal networking and/or attendance or sponsorship at events. We conduct market research for you and your messaging. At the end of the day, PR is not about what you know… it’s about WHO KNOWS YOU. We make you known.

Content Marketing

We bring a laser-focused, strategic approach to every article – every project we deliver. Creating valuable, relevant and consistent content is just the beginning. Knowing when and where to post and promote that content is the true art form. Instead of pitching “buy my stuff”, we’ll help you provide truly valuable and useful information to your prospects. Our process has a proven track record of converting leads into paying customers.


Eric Reamer has owned two successful small businesses since 1988, and has helped literally hundreds of others catapult their own businesses. He has trained hundreds of thousands from the stage and over-the-airwaves, and has over 5,000 hours of first-person learning from the world’s leading experts in sales, marketing, design, business development and influence. If you’re looking for someone who can advise you straight to the next level… you need the PR Media Coach.

Online Education

Are you a do-it-yourself kind of learner? We’ve got solutions for you. Our online educational courses teach you all the inside secrets of the top professionals. Learn how to write the perfect pitch. Develop your own hot-list of industry-specific media contacts. We’ll teach you how to write content that generates results.