Who Are We?

Eric Reamer


Eric Reamer is an expert-level trainer of business development, presentation skills and dynamic communication. He is a professional magician and the best selling author of 6 books. He hosted nationally syndicated business talk radio and television shows for 10+ years, and is now known as America’s PR Media Coach.

With the experience of speaking for millions, interviewing thousands of influencers and training several hundred business owners and public speakers to achieve 6-7 figure revenue goals, Eric Reamer has the education and the practical application know-how to get you where you desire to be in business.

When it comes to creating influence and making people visible, there’s no illusion: Eric delivers! He can teach you how to manage your own publicity, or do it for you for accelerated results.

Nikki Hawley

Executive Consultant

Nikki brings huge value to PRMC clients! She is  well-versed in the world of business development, having spent the last 17+ years helping businesses small and large with their marketing and growth strategies.

She is a mom, wife and dog lover with a passion for fitness and relationship development. Her ability to provide sound counsel and valuable connections to our clients makes her a perfect fit for our culture.

“Nikki is a well organized, goal-driven, dedicated, kind-hearted woman of action. She always rises to the challenge.”
– D. Short