Who Are We?

Eric Reamer


Eric Reamer has spent the last 30+ years speaking and performing on stages all around the world. He is a professional stage illusionist, and an expert-level trainer of business development, presentation skills and dynamic communication. He is the best selling author of 6 books; has hosted nationally syndicated business talk radio and television shows, and is now known as America’s PR Media Coach.

With the experience of speaking for millions, interviewing thousands of influencers and training several hundred business owners and public speakers to achieve 6-7 figure revenue goals, Eric Reamer has the education and the practical application know-how to get you where you desire to be in business.

When it comes to creating influence and making people visible, there’s no illusion: Eric delivers! He can teach you how to manage your own publicity, or do it for you for accelerated results.

Melissa Dearr


I am a storyteller. The need for stories to connect people is one thing that remains constant across all industries from television and film to social media marketing. It is a skill I have put to use for over 10 years in every aspect of my career. I have used it to provide insight into critical character beats, amass over 100,000+ followers organically across several brands. I have used it to create an entire company narrative, I have used it to influence customers during the purchase of a car. I have found it in the data of likes and favorites, ratings and memes, managing teams and investigating the competition. Story is always present, just underneath the surface of everything we do as a society, and its power is the key to success.

“Dogs sniff each other. Human beings tell stories. This is our native language.”
— Steve Denning, author, The Springboard